A PIPA delegation is sometimes invited to attend an event abroad or sometimes pays a visit to fanciers from other countries than Belgium. A report on each visit is published here.


(10/12/2015) PIPA in China – Last stop: Qiangdao

PIPA will be staying in China for three weeks starting on 14 November, to visit a few important clients and to attend two pigeon exhibitions. We will publish an update with a brief report and a few pictures every one or two days.

(16/10/2015) PIPA bezoekt enkele topliefhebbers in Polen

Polen is al jaren een van de grootste duivenlanden van Europa. Met een aantal van 40.000 actieve duivenmelkers behoort het zelfs tot een van de grootste duivenlanden van de wereld. Voldoende reden voor PIPA om een trip in Polen te plannen om er enkele topliefhebbers en de voornaamste klanten van PIPA te bezoeken.

(16/10/2015) Golden Algarve Race Portugal - Photo Report Final Race - update: final report video

Saturday 26th of September 2016, the final of the 4th edition of the Golden Algarve One Loft Race in Portugal took place. A final race of 505 Km with 1783 pigeons released at 8.00am. The winning pigeon covered the 505 KM in 8 hours and 21 minutes, which means a speed of 1007 m/m. Below you find a photo report of the final day and some photos of the winning pigeon.

(25/08/2015) PigeonPhotography visits Great Wall (China)

In June 2015, PigeonPhotography had the great honour to photograph the best pigeons of Dr. Guo aka Great Wall in China.

(24/08/2015) PIPA visited Franz Marchat Junior, president of the Austrian Pigeon Federation

Racing pigeon sport makes the world a small place. Travelling around the world, you can meet up with people having common interests. Since I was a little boy I was fascinated by the racing pigeon sport and one of the important milestones was about 20 years ago.

(30/03/2015) PIPA visits Derby International Arona Tenerife

It has been already 10 years since Jose Ledesma founded his Derby Arona Loft Race. Today the final race took place, for a distance of 275 KM.

(01/02/2015) PIPA visits Romania - January 2015

In the weekend of the 24th of January, Mr. Florea Sorin invited his close friend Nikolaas from PIPA to Romania. Bart Geerinckx joined Nikolaas in his trip.

(23/01/2015) PIPA visits India & Bangladesh – Report and pictures

It had been on the agenda for quite a while but we eventually made it happen in 2014: a trip to the two upcoming pigeon racing countries India and Bangladesh. We had a three day stay in both the two countries, to learn more about the sport and to visit some of our PIPA clients.

(01/12/2014) Trip China 2014

A group from PIPA (Luna, Green, Jianming, Ian, Gary, Nikolaas,...) visited China for about 2 weeks. We had a great time. It was so nice to see many clients back.

(30/11/2014) PIPA in Taiwan 2014

November 2014. Nikolaas, Luna, Maggie & Shuping from PIPA, together with Bart Geerinckx visited some important clients in Taiwan. We were received very well and therefore would like to thank everybody for their enormous hospitality.

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