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Gert-Jan Beute (Wilhelminaoord, NL) offers all old birds for sale

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Gert-Jan Beute has strong views and a clear vision on pigeon racing and this has made him a man with a reputation in The Netherlands in the past ten years, especially thanks to the way in which he has managed to achieve incredible results over the years.

These results led to many NPO victories, (inter)national ace pigeon titles and he gained a reputation as one of the strongest pigeon lofts in The Netherlands.

Gert-Jan Beute inherited the love of Janssen Brother's pigeons from his father, the late Arnold Beute. Arnold learned a lot from Jos De Klak, a true icon in The Netherlands and a close friend of the legendary Janssen Brothers from Arendonk. As a youngster, Gert-Jan learned the ropes from Jos De Klak as well, and he used this advice as soon as he was running a loft on his own. The Janssen pigeon has been one of the best options for the sprint and the middle distance for years, also in the loft of Beute. However, Gert-Jan was looking for a different bloodline to reform his strongly inbred pigeon family, which led him to the Eijerkamp family, Gerard Koopman, Gerard & Bas Verkerk and Leo Heremans. He developed a pigeon capable of winning top prizes as well as ace pigeon titles. These are his best achievements:

1st int. Ace Pigeon One Day Long Distance Europa Cup 2009
1st & 2nd nat. OLympiad Pigeon Old Birds 2010
1st nat. Ace Pigeon One Day Long Distance The Best of the Best 2011
1st prov. Ace Pigeon One Day Long Distance 2011
1st prov. Ace Pigeon Allround 2010
2nd nat. Ace Pigeon One Day Long Distance NPO 2011
2nd prov. Ace Pigeon One Day Long Distance 2010
2rd prov. Ace Pigeon Sprint 2011
3rd nat. yearlings TBOTB 2010
5th nat. hen WHZB 2011
7th nat. yearlings TBOTB 2007

Breeding Cock Vechtmachine is without doubt the leading pigeon in the breeding loft. He is an excellent cock from the bloodlines of Eijerkamp (Herentals) x Gerard Koopman. Vechtmachine is the sire of Dalia (1st nat. Ace Pigeon Long Distance TBOTB 2012), Gertje (1st NPO 8,855 p. and winner of the Dutch Golden Classic), Mr. Teletekst (2nd NPO Pithiviers 7,353 p.) Famke (2 first prizes) etc. The best racing hen in this auction is probably Dahlia Ché, winner of five first prizes and teletext prizes, as well as a 4th NPO against 7,385 pigeons from Pithiviers. Dahlia Ché is a direct Eijerkamp from a son of Rossi x Beatrice paired to a daughter of Ché, which means she is closely related to the Eijerkamp bloodline.

These are a few of the top class racing pigeons included in this auction:

  • Cadoc, winner of a 1st int. NU Zone 3 Sens against 6,450 pigeons
  • Calla, winner of 3rd nat. Ace Pigeon Yearlings TBOTB 2010
  • Damon, winner of 1st Ace Pigeon in ACG and Rayon and winner of four first prizes including three in big races
  • Dema, winner of three first prizes including a first against 13,533 pigeons. A full sister of Firestone, 1st NPO Sezanne
  • Elioenai-E with a 3rd, 1st and 6th int. NU Zone 3 against 5,883 pigeons

This auction includes several more first prize winners. Gert-Jan Beute will be selling all old birds on our website, making for one of the finest collections from The Netherlands exclusively on PIPA.


Beste GJB,

Ik wens je sowieso een gelukkig 2014 en een sportief succesvol seizoen, maar ik troost me met de gedachte dat geld niet altijd gelukkiger maakt dan je nu al bent Wink