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Rui and Paulo Rodrigues (Maceira-Lis, PT) are renown in the Portuguese pigeon sport

Rui and Paulo Rodrigues are renown in the Portuguese pigeon sport. Firstly, for their pigeons’ results both in their loft and abroad, having contributed to the success of over 200 other lofts. Also, because they are co-owners of the company Supra, one of the main distributors of pigeon-related products, representing the most important brands in Portugal.

The brothers Rui and Paulo Rodrigues first started pigeon racing in the early 80s, exactly thirty years ago. Since the beginning, they have always chosen to race in the strongest clubs of their region, obtaining top results at local, provincial and national level. Nowadays, they have the most complete track record in their country, where pigeons must fly in the toughest conditions. You can check out their highlights in the last 15 years here.

The force behind their outstanding results was always the quality of their pigeons. They have developed a special feeling to find the best quality, which they select very strictly from the best breeds. Throughout these three decades, they have made a significant investment, buying and learning with the best in the world.

They consider information highly important and they are always looking for the rising stars of our sport, namely in Belgium, where they have visited top fanciers countless times and handled the very best pigeons. This is the reason why they were in the first fanciers to discover the talent and the quality of Marcel Aelbrecht’s pigeons.

Since 2001, when Marcel Aelbrecht first started leading the Belgian pigeon sport at national level, they have sought to have the best in his colony, buying complete rounds at times. A friendship was developed between the families Aelbrecht and Rodrigues throughout this time. As a result, in the last decade the breeding loft of the brothers Rodrigues is composed mainly of Aelbrecht’s pigeons, alongside Van Loon’s as well.

Rui and Paulo Rodrigues illustrate Portugal’s ambition to become one of the leading countries in pigeon racing. Ensuring that they have enough descendants for their own breed, they now present this super collection of Marcel Aelbrecht’s original pigeons for auction on PIPA.

Welcome to the Super Aelbrecht Collection!


Really world class fanciers!

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One of the Best fanciers of the World!!!!!!!!!