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PIPA wishes you a Merry Christmas!

Christmas is the beginning of new life with the birth of Jesus, the messiah. Today people are less and less interested in this story, if at all. Church and religion have lost their appeal and yet we all believe in something, for instance in a better future or in a dream coming true. We all believe in our own way.

Most fanciers see their first eggs hatch around Christmas and this new life brings new hope. They start to hope that they will discover a better pigeon or a champion among these young birds. One pigeon could make the dream of winning a national first title or a national ace pigeon title come true. 

Christmas is also a time to reflect and to take a look back at all the memorable moments as well as the unpleasant events. You think about the goals that have been achieved and the expectations that have been met but you also think about the things that went wrong and the goals that have not been achieved. You cannot turn back the time but you can look into the future. The idea is to maintain and improve your strong points while trying to learn from your mistakes. 

At this time of the year we have shorter days, dark evenings and long nights but this has its own beauty as well: the stars are shining from the early evening until the late morning. They look best in this season and you have plenty of time to enjoy them. They reflect in a way our inner self, our soul. Every individual is a star on his own for what he does. Every invidual has his own limits and the brightest stars are those that can really achieve something despite these limits, that can stand out in an honest way. They stand out from falling stars, who fade out very quickly.

During Christmas we spend a lot of time with the people we love. We enjoy the warmth of the open fire with our family, friends or acquaintances. We enjoy the christmas presents, a delicious meal, a glass of wine and a warm atmosphere. Share your happiness with others and discover how wonderful life can be.

We wish you a merry christmas!


* * * Joyeux Noël à toute l'équipe Pipa et à tous ses visiteurs! * * *

Aan het gehele PiPa team zalig kerstfeest en een gezond 2014 toegewenst

Wim, Bertrik en familie Murk

Aan elke lezer zalige kerst en alvast een gelukkig nieuwjaar Smile

Mvg Pieter Van de Veire

The same to the PIPA team and respective family and friends, Inácio.


Message From Iran:
As the nature and heaven is rejoicing Magic of Christmas spreads love in the world I wish my best friends a season filled with happiness Merry Christmas to You

Good luck

Merry Christmas PIPA Staff

What a Wonderful message by PIPA , I like it, I appreciate. Jesus Christ came on earth for humanity , The Sprit of God appeared in form of DOVE, Jesus Loves Pigeons.

Merry Christmas from Pakistan to all fanciers and Pipa team. God bless you all.

Namens het team Noordelijke Kampioenen dag wensen wij Pipa en andere sportvrienden een heel gezond en sportief 2014 toe, tot 4 januari a.s. in de BonteWever te Assen.

Happy Christmas! But is has gone and will come back after a year. It gave us a good time. Thanks God for the great month.