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PIPA wishes you a happy and prosperous 2014

People all over the world will be wishing their friends and family all the best for 2014 on New Year ’s Eve. Everybody will be toasting the New Year on the 1st of January 2014.

A new year is a fresh start with new resolutions. These resolutions differ from person to person and they depend on your job, your sector, your environment and your conditions of life.

Good health should always be the number one priority. A healthy person can stand a lot. You have all the possibilities to reach your goals and to achieve great things. Even when things do not turn out as expected your health will always give you the strength to continue. You can always decide to choose a different path if necessary.
A bad day or an unlucky week or weekend does not mean that your year is over. Pigeon racing is the perfect example of that: during the week we head to the club with high expectations: the pigeons are in great health, they have been training a lot and they are well nourished, ready to win a few prizes. The fancier is very optimistic, betting money on some of his best pigeons. However, pigeons sometimes do not meet the expectations and this is often hard to predict. Fanciers try to look for an explanation or an excuse. Most fanciers do not want to admit that their pigeons were simply not strong enough that weekend, even though that is often the only reason for a disappointing performance.

Luckily enough pigeon fanciers are very optimistic. They will not hesitate to basket their pigeons for the next race with new hopes and expectations. We think pigeon racing could set an example for people in their everyday lives: you should never give up and continue to work for the future. There is always hope. With this in mind you will start to make improvements one day and you might achieve your goals after all. Some will be able to achieve things that seemed impossible at first. This is our advice for you: never give up.

PIPA would like to thank everybody – our clients, suppliers, assistants and our online visitors – for their confidence throughout 2013. We want to give our best from the 1st of January 2014 onwards and our entire team will be ready for next year. But first we take the time to put everything on hold and to toast the New Year; we wish you a happy and prosperous 2014! We hope you will be able to achieve your goals and aspirations in 2014, with the support of your friends and family, with whom you can share your hopes and dreams. Good luck!

Happy holidays!


Tous mes meilleurs voeux de bonheur à l'équipe PIPA, ainsi qu'à tous les amateurs colombophiles du monde entier !

de beste wensen pipa en alle duivenmelkers in de wereld en een sportief 2014.

Meilleurs voeux pour cette nouvelle année 2014!
Un maximum de bonheur et une bonne saison à toute l'équipe Pipa ainsi qu'à tous les visiteurs.

Happy New Year to ALL in the PIGEON WORLD

Happy New Year for you great team and all the pigeon fancier over the world.

Happy New Year
From Morocco .

Happy New Year And goed result.Famille 3D

Happy New Year to all racing pigeons Fanciers !

All the best in 2014 !

I await you on 18/07/2014 for Marseille (int.) 2014 - 1820 km. to my loft.

With kind regards,

Met vriendelijke groeten,

Ilijan van der Zhek Wink

Aan allen een gezond en gelukkig 2014 gewenst van Mia en Theo en natuurlijk veel eerste prijzen na mij gewenst