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As a boy i can remember a family of pigeons from a guy called Aire Visser, they were stunning birds and i remember they done there fair share of winning, but you never hear of either Aire Visser or his pigeons today?

Stuart Wilcox



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I think he was bought out by Rick Mardis USA.

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G'Day from Aus'.
Dutch long-distance, introduced by quite a number of studs in the 1980's, Top Lofts I think were one, can't remember many UK fanciers winning big time with them ? but I stand corrected ?

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Hi Stuart,
My old man bought a lot of Arie Vissers birds and exchanged a few with him as well, they were top drawer birds that flew the Irish channel route very well and I know that some lofts still have them. Be interested to hear what became of them as its been a very long time since I heard anything of them.